“Experience is a useful thing. Unfortunately it’s always done shortly after the point we need it.” (J.W. von Goethe 1749-1832)

Restaurant Consulting Services
working with Michelin star chef Ivo Adam
managed the opening for Seven Asia
in Ascona, Switzerland (Summer 2009)

Culinary Consulting Services:
• Startup;
• Design and internal architecture;
• Kitchen arrangement and equipment;
• Menus;
• Wine;
• Purchase;
• Organization and staff

Please contact us via facebook for a consultation.

Cooking classes

Have you ever wondered how to cook with Italian truffle or exotic vegetables such as “okra” for that matter? Reserve a cooking class with Chef Mariotta and learn how to bring “Canovaccio” (improvisational) cuisine to your table at home.

Wine tasting

Chef Massimiliano Mariotta is an expert in wines from Ticino, Southern Switzerland, as well as French, Spanish and Italian wines. His interactive and innovative approach often includes a blind tasting that introduces guests to unique and little known wines and wineries.

Truffle hunting expeditions

White Truffle season is here! Chef Mariotta is now taking reservations for his truffle hunting expeditions in Piedmont, Italy. Every expedition includes an open kitchen truffle party!
Piemonte Truffle Experience

Private events

A few images from a Private Truffle Event

Planning an event at home or looking for the perfect location? Ristorante Il Tartufo private events services are ideal for celebrating a special moment or organizing a small corporate event. In collaboration with our guests we customize each event menu based on the local, seasonal and organic ingredients available.

A few images from a Summer Birthday party at Ristorante Il Tartufo…

To discuss your event, please contact us at:

Facebook: Massimiliano Mariotta

Guest chef

A few images from Chef Mariotta’s Guest Chef event
at Restaurant T8 in Shanghai…

Follow the link below to see images from
the Guest Chef event with Michelin star chef Stefan Stiller…

Stiller’s Restaurant and Cooking School of Shanghai

Chef Mariotta is often invited to acclaimed restaurants and hotels
as a Guest Chef for a night or a week. Requests generally come from the
Executive Chef to launch the restaurant’s seasonal truffle menu.
Chef Mariotta provides all levels of culinary consulting services from
designing the truffle menu, to training staff, to presenting information
about white and black truffles to guests in a fun and interactive way.